About House of Quirk

I'm Sarah Walker, owner, creator, and general creative all rounder behind the House of Quirk.
I love colour, still life paintings, surrealism, fruit, moths, and did I mention colour?! Inspired by Kandinsky, Dali, and Jeffrey smart, my art brings vibrancy, originality, expression of personality, and general eye candy to whatever space it lights up. I'm formally trained in the visual arts, and believe in quality work. All these pieces are created with artists quality materials, as I want not just you, but the next generations to enjoy my pieces as well. I'm also a classically trained Pianist, and have the beautiful opportunity to combine my piano compositions with my artworks, in the form of 'Painted Music'. I like to create Amigurumi crochet patterns of ridiculously cute animals in my spare time too. Generally, creativity is life, and being able to pursue my Arts Career is a lifelong dream coming true - one brush stroke at a time!
So join me. Bring colour and life to the spaces you occupy, you'll certainly find lots of that here!

Thanks for stopping on by,