How to choose your art

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So you want to buy some art, but where do you start? Do you look for something that is an investment piece, it may gain in value, do you look for a popular artist, do you look for a piece that matches your couch and drapes? Big, small, oil, acrylic, drawing, limited print - which one!
Well, I make it simple. Like the saying that childishly amuses me: keep it simple pimple, BUY WHAT YOU JOLLY WELL LIKE! 
If you can afford an investment piece and there is one that really captures your heart, then invest in it and purchase it, but don't feel pressured to buy an investment piece that you're ambivalent to, just for the prestige or pressure of obtaining an investment piece.
If you want to support a popular artist because you like them, then do so!
If you want to just match your current set of decor, then there's plenty of decor art for your purposes, AND,
if you want that statement piece that brings you so much joy, but it doesn't match a dang thing in your room, GET IT ANYWAY! You can always add some smaller touches in the room to tie the painting in and keep it as an awesome feature piece.
So, you get my drift right?! If ya like the art, nuts to anyone else, just buy the art! :D

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