The art of healing

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For a little while I've been aware of the Japanese art of Kintsugi permeating into our western art/craft movements. It's the process of repairing your crockery/pottery etc when it breaks, but with gold, so that the repair is visible. Doing so shows how much value that object has to you. I think that not only is this a very practical and beautiful method of reusing your items, but also that it's a very apt view to have for us as humans.
How good is it when you've healed from something? But how much better if you could show that metaphorical healed crack, and that in doing so, it is a sign of how much you value yourself, and others! 
This year I needed outside help for healing. I saw a wonderful counsellor who has helped me, so that from the beginning of the year until now, is night and day in my mental health department.
I decided to give her this painting that I created for her - she is involved in the kintsugi process for people. Helping them to heal, and therefore revealing that value in that human for all to see even more - or maybe just for themselves to see for the first time!
This piece is called 'the art of healing' very apt I thought. I enjoyed exploring this idea of visible mending for humans so much, that I'm going to continue exploring this idea in future pieces. Don't hide your healed scars, show them as if they were made of gold, and realise that you are a valuable person, created for life, and worth fixing.

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